Peregrine Audubon Society's chapter meetings and programs are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month, September through May, at 7PM. We'll update details of our 2021-2022 schedule as they become available.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, programs will be available via Zoom for now. To receive links to the meetings, subscribe to our mailing list on our home page.

Board Programs
September 2 September 21 Matthew Matthiessen on Birds of Guatemala
October 7 October 19 Kate Marianchild: May the Oaks be with You
November 4 November 16 Ashton Kluttz, Executive Director of The Bird Rescue Center
December 2 December 7 Get to Know Your Local Birds!
January 6 January 18 TBA
February 3 February 15 TBA
March 3 March 15 TBA
April 7 April 19 TBA
May 5 May 17 TBA

Board meetings generally take place on the first Thursday of each month, September through May, at 7 PM. Contact a board member for details. Board meetings are open to the membership. You are always welcome and encouraged to participate.

Chapter Meetings and Programs

Matthew Matthiessen on the Birds of Guatemala

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 7PM - Zoom meeting

Kate Marianchild Hugging Mossy Oak Trunk Kate Marianchild's Acorn Caps Kate Marianchild's Leaves and Acorns

Ocellated Turkey, Pink-headed Warbler, and Northern Emerald Toucanet photos © 2021 Matthew Matthiessen.

Join us this evening as we visit Guatemala with our tour guide, the incomparable Matthew Matthiessen. From the lowland rainforests of the north to the mountains of the south, the country of Guatemala is strategically situated to maximize avian diversity. The mind-boggling array of birds the country boasts includes the endemics of the Yucatan, the iconic specialties of southern Mexico, and many of the dazzling megas of Central America. During the evening we will explore the jungles surrounding the Mayan Pyramids of Tikal, ascend to the high elevation pine-oak forests, and scale the cloud-laden Toliman volcano hoping for glimpses of such treasures as Ocellated Turkey, Orange-breasted Falcon, Pink-headed Warbler, Resplendent Quetzal, and Horned Guan. If we're lucky we may come across a few reptiles, butterflies, and dragonflies as well. Matthew is an experienced birder, an engaging speaker, and a World-class photographer. This will be a very interesting presentation and we hope you can join us for the evening discovering the unparalleled beauty of the Birds of Guatemala.

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Kate Marianchild: May the Oaks be with You

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 7PM - Zoom meeting

Matthew Matthiessen's Ocellated Turkey Matthew Matthiessen's Pink-headed Warbler Matthew Matthiessen's Northern Emerald Toucanet

Kate hugging a mossy oak trunk, acorn caps, and leaves and acorns photos © 2021 Kate Marianchild.

Have you ever wondered which oak species carpet California’s hills and fill its fertile valleys, providing the West’s most wildlife-rich terrestrial habitats? If so, help is at hand. In a talk filled with striking images, humor, and useful memory aids, author and naturalist Kate Marianchild will help us identify common California oaks by their acorns, leaves, and even galls. With acorns in hand, you will learn to distinguish a valley oak from an Oregon oak from a blue oak, and a canyon live oak from a coast live oak. Kate will also teach us some tantalizing tidbits about co-evolutionary relationships between oaks and several other species. The one-hour talk will be followed with Q and A.

Kate asks that you bring acorns with caps to this Zoom presentation, along with a few pieces of paper and a pen or pencil

Kate Marianchild is the author of Secrets of the Oak Woodlands: Plants and Animals among California’s Oaks (Heyday, 2014) and Identifying the Common Oaks of Northern and Central California, a full-color oak identification guide sheet. Both are available for purchase on her website. Kate gives talks, leads walks, and advocates for oak woodland conservation.

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Ashton Kluttz, Executive Director of The Bird Rescue Center

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 7PM - Zoom meeting

Ashton Kluttz Osprey at The Bird Rescue Center Barn Owls at The Bird Rescue Center Marsh Mural and Barred Owl at The Bird Rescue Center

Ashton Kluttz, Osprey, Barn Owls, and Marsh Mural with Barred Owl. All photos © 2021 by The Bird Rescue Center

Did you know The Bird Rescue Center, located in Sonoma County, sees over 100 patients from Mendocino County? With an increase in the number of birds needing care this year, the Salmonella Outbreak bringing in the new year was just the beginning of a uniquely challenging year for the birds. Join in to learn about The Bird Rescue Center and hear behind-the-scenes stories of bird rescue, particularly of Mendocino County patients, and unique avian observations from the last few years with Ashton Kluttz, Executive Director of the Bird Rescue Center in Santa Rosa.

Ashton Kluttz completed her BA in Environmental Studies at Washington College (Maryland). She began her tenure with The Bird Rescue Center in 2010 and her career as a wildlife rehabilitator in 2009 with The Marine Mammal Center where she served in the Stranding Department. Striving to provide the best care for our local wildlife, she obtained her Registered Veterinary Technician certification in 2018, has co-authored a chapter on towhee care currently included in a wildlife care book for facilities around the world, and serves on the board for the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators that provides community, protocols, and information to all California wildlife facilities.

Under her direction, Bird Rescue has forged stronger relationships with other wildlife and education facilities and within the community. She has come to appreciate each individual species’ behaviors and could discuss their quirks at length. In her spare time, she catches up with her family on the East Coast and enjoys taking photos of food on her dog’s nose.

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Get to Know Your Local Birds! Details to follow

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 7PM - Zoom meeting

Marsh Wren by George Gibbs Anna's Hummingbird by Kent Leland Wood Duck by Robert Keiffer

Marsh Wren by George Gibbs, Anna's Hummingbird by Kent Leland, and Wood Duck by Bob Keiffer. All photos © 2021

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Details to follow

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 7PM - Zoom meeting

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Details to follow

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 7PM - Zoom meeting

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Details to follow

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 7PM - Zoom meeting

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Details to follow

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at 7PM - Zoom meeting

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Details to follow

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 7PM - Zoom meeting

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